Where now? - Public sharing

This article is part of my WhereToNow series, dealing with specific things I have enjoyed in my time using Google's axed social network.

Sharing public posts

What is your notion of PUBLIC online?

My definition of "public" would be a post which has a URL  which anyone with an internet connection could find and see. I'd expect my public posts to be reachable from my public profile.


This is a view of my public Google+ profile, showing public content. Note: it would also show private content to logged in users. But for everyone with an internet connection, who chose to visit my profile, it would look like this.

Below is a screenshot of a public post.

People, and search engines, navigate to post pages from posts on my public profile.

Where can I do the same thing after Google kills GooglePlus?

Twitter? No.

Twitter supports public posting, each post has a URL and those posts (know as tweets) are shown on your public profile: but Twitter does not support private posting.

Facebook? No.

Any "public" posts you make using your Facebook profile are not findable on your public profile. 

If you make a public post it does have a public URL, but it cannot be found from your profile and Facebook also does not support private sharing.

LinkedIn? No.

If you type your profile URL into an incognito browser window you will hit an auth-wall asking you to log in. Profiles are not publicly reachable.

LinkedIn have done lots to allow bots to index profiles so they rank well in search and if you arrive from a search engine not logged in you get a one-time view of a profile, but any "public" content sits behind an auth wall. LinkedIn do also not support private sharing

While there are doubtless other smaller sites which support public posting, where now on the web can you share posts both publicly AND privately?


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