About Robert Wallis

Hi there, thanks for stopping by.

For Work ...
I currently work in "social media" for Ford Europe: tweeting, managing the Ford Europe YouTube channel, instagramming, posting articles, and adapting / creating content for the community managers to use on individual country channels: Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc.

I work as part of a team, but my focus is on external facing content, strategy and community management, so most, though not all, content posted across the "Ford Europe" social channels will have been produced, adapted by, or have gone through me.

For Fun ...
tweet as @qwallis and hang out on Reddit. On Telegram I post social media tips, my edited photos I share to #NotInstagram, share Musicadmin London Photos post random stuff in Attention World.

I also manage a couple of more ambitious social projects ...

Happening London
Happening London is a community project aiming to build something useful for both cool people based in London and also to champion London for a global audience.
The project consist of a home page, with contributing authors, a community and social channels to support the community activity.

SingAtSix is very much a work in progress from an initial idea towards the end of 2018.
Again there is web site, social channels supporting a small developing community.

Contact options
I'd prefer to first get to know you across my personal social channels: this blog, Reddit and Twitter, maybe follow and interact with me there first?

If you need direct private communication you can reach me on Telegram here, or the social channel of your choice where communication is possible without what's detailed below.

I avoid using digital communication methods which require private (or non public) tokens like email, a phone number etc. Or where one party is required to send or accept a "friend" or "connection" request in order to communicate. That is just stupid.

Recent tweets below from me, Ford Europe, SingAtSix and Happening London.


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