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A few things to note about Instagram TV

I mentioned in a post this morning that before moving to upload video to Instagram TV (IGTV), that brands should consider how it fits into their overall strategy, if at all.

In the mean time here are a few points to consider before uploading (your) video content.
It doesn't play well with others ...
Instagram TV is currently a walled garden; meaning that links to IGTV posts will show an error if a user is logged out and shared links therefor cannot show a preview thumbnail.

Other users can easily download your content
For content creators who have invested time and effort this will be an issue. For those who regularly steal content from other to build their own audience this will be a boon.
No outbound linking Unlike Instagram Stories, which at least for verified profiles have opportunities to link out of the Instagram App, IGTV is currently just for viewing videos, short and long up to an hour in length.  Production costs As I mentioned in my post in my Social Media Collection, …

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