Why create GooglePlus Collections?

Use Collections if you want to gain followers on GooglePlus!

What is a good Strategy for GooglePlus Collections?

Think of collections as independent topical social media channels, mini social channels, but with the advantage of being under one identity.

If you have ever started, or been tempted to start an "Instagram channel" for a particular topic then chances are that would make a good topic for a GooglePlus Collection.

What NOT to do? 

There are several things that people do with Collections which are not optimal: for example ...

Have just ONE collection ... 

There are FOUR slots on your profile for GooglePlus Collections: you should have a minimum of four different collection topics. You can have more, but you should not have less!

Do not use "timely" collections ...

Collections should focus on an ongoing topic that you are interested in posting about, which people can follow: they should not be finite. 

Which means they should not be about that 2018 holiday, but rather about "Travel". They should relate to ongoing topics. Your interests!

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