How to share a private post on GooglePlus

It might be a surprise to you to learn that GooglePlus is great for private sharing. I use it more than email. In case you don't know how to send a "private message" on GooglePlus here is a simple visual walk through.

Who's sending the message? 

GooglePlus does not have concepts like Facebook's "wall". You can start any post, private or otherwise from anywhere you can open the post editor.

In this example I'm starting from my profile, but I could have started from the home stream too.

On your profile click the floating action button to open the post editor.

It's important to note that the editor will normally open remembering the last audience setting you used, unless for example you start a post from within a collection in which case the "audience" will be the collections audience, but you could still change that.

Click the current audience shown to change it!

You'll be presented with some options you choose regularly, these show some of mine. 

Now click "See more".

Click to activate the search field.

I'm hopeful that Google will make this step redundant at some point, logically the search field should already be active on this screen.

Type the name of the person ...

Type the recipients name in the search field, the screen will auto-populate with related choices as you type. 

I wanted to send this example private post to +Happening London, but there are also communities called that, which is why they are showing on this screen.

Click the check-box to the right of the person's name and that adds their name in the "to" field.

Now click DONE to return to the post editor, which will now show the new audience, the person's name, as the post audience.

Compose you message: adding an image, link, poll, or location if you want to, then click the "POST" button to make your post.

Your post is made, a confirmation shows briefly and is the post is now visible, only to the chosen audience, on your profile.

That's it!

Now wait for the person to get back to you.

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