Who are you? - Pimp your profile social discovery

Say you go to a conference and want people to be able to connect with you online afterwards, unless you are an avid supplier of business cards, which I'm not, you'll want to make it as easy as possible for people to find you online.

One of the most flexible searches for social discovery is your Google profile, which you should have at least added your real name and a profile picture to. But which is much more versatile for discovery than just your full name.

To illustrate here are a couple of current search examples

Let's pretend someone I've met can remember my full name is "Robert Wallis" and that I live in "London". 

Despite my name on Twitter being "Robert Wallis" and my location on Twitter being "London" there were no people results for "Robert Wallis London" on Twitter

For "Robert Wallis London" on Google+ there are two profiles called "Robert Wallis" and one derivative "Bob Wallis" which are all returned for the same people search

First name only examples

A full name should make things quite easy. A more real-world example is just a first name. In social situations people might not even have even introduced themselves with their full name. 

Say a person only remembered that my name was "Robert" and I worked in "social media" for "Ford" ... which is a reasonable smattering of facts. 

Again Twitter doesn't do well. Even though all the information is in my Twitter bio

Obviously this is all the result of some profile optimisation on my part.

Even if you are not personally an active Google+ user and would prefer people to connect with you on Twitter for example it is wise to make sure that your Google profile information is up-to-date and lets people know where and how they will be most successful at connecting with you on-line. 

Check and optimise your Google profile at: AboutMe.Google.com 


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