My Google+ cup is half full

I've been an avid Google+ user since day one so I'm pretty thick skinned about how my fav' social network is misunderstood by the media: but when I came across a yawn inducing tweet is from ex-Googler (+Wook Chung) who now works at Twitter ... well that seemed a bit ... unnecessary.

So, after voting "Totally" I posted a link to the Twitter poll (in my Social Media collection) suggesting that a others might wish to dust off their twitter logins and vote too.

Suggesting people go to a different social network and vote is a pretty big ask. So I was quite surprised at how many people did so, and that over thirty people also shared my post on Google+

Now the Twitter poll has closed what could one make of the result? 

Let's break it down ...

Twenty two percent voted (on Twitter) that they "Totally" use Google+
Most, but not all of those people probably came from Google+ to vote. Those are very passionate Google+ users. Who incidentally, if you take a look at the comments some of them chose to leave on the twitter poll, were universally polite.

Eleven percent voted "Not any more".
Meaning they had tried Google+ before, but no longer used it. Generally it is likely that those people had tried Google+ when it first came out but haven't done so recently.
I would suggest that those people could try Google+ again! A lot has changed. Don't think of Google+ as like Facebook it's not. It's rather a place to make new friends. Then you'll get a lot more out of it this time.

Thirty five percent of voters have never tried Google+ .... oh how sad.
You are missing out, you should really give it a go! Just sign into your Google account go to and click "Join Google+" in the left-hand side to add your profile to your account. Fill it out, then if you need help or have questions, you can ask in the official help community!

Thirty two percent of the Twitter voters are not aware of Google+ ... oh that's really sad.

Again I would suggest that you use your Google account (don't start another Google account that would be very silly). Simply upgrade by adding a Google+ profile. Then fill it out fully and follow me.

Of course inviting people to try something new is unlikely to help people who tried it briefly five years ago and then really made up their mind, or have read hundreds of articles about how Google+ is dead written by tech journalists who have never used it. Or people who just enjoy being in a camp which pokes fun at others.

For those people a poll on Twitter will just be further proof of Google's demise in social ... again.

But ... if any Twitter users are interested in exploring a very useful, versatile social network. Feel free to ask me about it!

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