Score Any Google+ Profile 0 - 5

An easy method for scoring any Google+ profile on a scale of one to five. 

Originally part of this article, but I wanted to give it it's own space. 

Why would you score profiles?

You'll want to follow "high quality" profiles: these are people who know what they are doing. The higher quality the profiles are that you follow the higher the quality the content of your Home Stream will be. 

Applying this quick scoring method to profiles will help you build a more interesting stream. 

Five things to check: score any profile from zero to five. 

Check each section below: allocate the profile one point for each section which they complete. The profile examples used below are: +Ford Europe & +Happening London.

Profile and Cover pictures: 1 - 0

Profile and cover images are core to identity. If there isn't a profile and a cover picture then they'll get no points for this section.

Personally I would not bother going any further: I won't consider following a profile that has not taken the time to add a decent profile and cover photo. 

Profile "About" information: 1 - 0

It makes sense that people might like to know a little about the person behind the profile they are looking at. If the profile has competed all fields in the "About" section give them one point. Else no points for this section.

Posts / Mentions: 1 - 0

Do they have any public posts? Do they use "mentions" in posts? 

If a Twitter user never @mentions anyone else their Twitter usage would be judged as "broadcast only". If the profile you are looking at hasn't talked to anyone in the last ten or so posts, either with a mention or replying to people in the comments then they are "pushing" post: probably from a third party platform. In which case give them zero points for this section.

If they are posting, mentioning and talking to people then give the profile a point for this section. 

Do they use Collections? 1 - 0

Are they using collections? If yes the give them a point. Else no points for this section.

Note: "using" collections would mean are most of their recent posts in different collections? Posting to one collection isn't using collections properly. 

Do they use Communities? 1 - 0

Are they using communities? If yes they'll pick up a point for this section. 

Note: community usage can be hidden, but if a person is active there is usually some collections visibility. It is unlikely that a profile with no visible activity at all is using Google+ communities. 

Final Score

Add the points for each section together and you will have a score from 0 to 5.

Most well kept active profiles should score a full 5 points. If they score less than five then in real terms they are unlikely to be worth following. 

The one exception would be for profile from people you know, which may score under five. I place those people in a notification circle. They are not active users, but if they did make a post I would want to see it because of my "off line" relationships which the profile owner.

A note on "Following" ... 

You may discover content via a single Collection. I always look at the profile: follow the profile if they are worth following and then unfollow any collection from that person I am not interested in. 

That "follow flow" means I will follow all the content from that person which they want people to follow by default. It also means I will be counted as a "follower".


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