Hello? ... ... is anyone listening?

I use social media for one reason: communication.
  • Sometimes I'm the person who starts the communication ...
    ... sometimes I'm not. 
  • Sometimes the communication is public ...
    ... sometimes it's not. 
  • Sometimes it's fruitful ...
    ... sometimes it's not: but that's OK.
If a person sends an unwelcome, low value, or spammy message I'd generally prevent further "noise" from them using mute, or block.

If a person's outreach is positive I'll respond back!

As long as you are aware of the communication it's all quick, easy and frictionless.

Responding takes just a few seconds. This was a private exchange with 10 seconds between exchanges.

Here's another quick exchange, with slightly more detail, in a private community. 

And another one: getting stuff done.

When people are set up and notified of both mentions and replies it all works well. Better than email in fact!

Sadly though many people are chronically unaware of when a communication is directed at them. Perhaps they don't see social media as communication: if it's not for communication what's it for?! 
I've seen people post questions and not see replies!  
Not respond to comments left by others on their own posts!
When sending messages to people I've not previously communicated with, I get a pretty poor reply rate. A great many people are just not set up for communication, which is an unnecessary fail.
If someone sent you a message would you see it?

How bad is it?

Nearly a year ago I conducted a "social survey", sending private messages to a flurry of automotive Brand pages .....

Not one of them replied

Are any of the people "managing" those Brand pages monitoring brand mentions? I doubt it. 

All it takes, not to fail, is for you to have the mobile App installed and to set notification preferences which suit you. Personally I have all email notifications off and mentions on.

Concentrate on the social profiles which do, or could, provide you with the most value: delete the profiles which you are not listening to, or provide only noise.

If you need any help or have any questions you are welcome to ask publically or privately in the comments.

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