Facebook poached users from GooglePlus

There are lots of stories about how Facebook went into internal lockdown after the launch of +Google+, but I was surprised to hear how the social network giant actively poached a high profile user. Here's one story.

It was in +Vivienne Gucwa's "How to get verified" video that this came to light.

"Back in 2011 I decided to open up a Google+ account profile."

"I got on their suggested list and gained about 1.8 million followers."

"Because I was verified on Google+ and had that following I was approached by Facebook ..."
WTF Really?!
" ... and asked if I would post my photography on a Facebook page."
Presumably Facebook also gave Vivienne's Facebook page a little bit of extra care and attention.

This hands-on people poaching by Facebook isn't surprising from a moral standpoint but from a grass-roots level of detail it's pretty astounding.

GooglePlus remains the butt of media jokes and although that is largely Google's hopeless abilities in PR and communication one does wonder how much of G+'s shoddy public image might also be managed by Facebook's more media savvy communications team.

Credit: Video snippets from Vivienne's video on YouTube.


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