Post privately to individuals on Google+ using a special Collection

Using Google+ to communicate privately more often?

You should do as it's much better than email.

If you are, or want to try to, you should consider using a "special collection" for private posts.

I wrote a spoof article about this a while ago which I called "OUTBOX by Google".

The picture here is what my outbox looks like. Here is a link to it: for you (and for everyone else) the link will give an error because it's MY outbox.

It is where I write all my private posts to people.

You don't need to use a Collection which is only visible to you to write private posts, but doing so shortens the number of steps, and it keeps all your private posts together in one place, which is nice and tidy and makes getting back to them a breeze.

I went over how collections can be used here. After you have set up your "OUTBOX" here's how simple it is to post.

1. Go to your OUTBOX ...

I called my outbox "Direct Messages", you can call yours whatever you like, only you can see it! But if you want a private post to be "in" your private collection you need to go to it first. You can move a private post into it afterwards.

Anyway go there and click to start a new post. That post is "in" your collection and would be visible to ..... you guessed it, only you.

2. Add someone to your post ...

Add the "recipient" to your post with a plus mention. Just start typing a + sign and their name and pick them from the auto-complete list.

3. Finish writing and hit post!

Obviously if you want to add media to the post: an image or more, a link, a poll, or a location you should do that before you hit post. But that's it.

  1. Start a post.
  2. Add who the post is for.
  3. Finish it ... Post it. 
It's a lot quicker that making a private post without using OUTBOX a Collection, and much neater too!

Here's the process in GIF form.


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