Social Media Expert Mentoring

Dear social media expert ...

Hi there! If you were sent to this page by me please read on. 

If you were sent to this page by someone else you can read on, or not, it's up to you.


Who am I?

  • My name is Robert I work in social media. It's my day job. 
  • I like Google+ because it's the best social communication platform there is. Sadly Google does not have a good record at communicating that fact.

So you want me to use Google+? 

  • No. I don't care if you use Google+. I care when social media "experts" don't appear to have much of a clue. 

I've got X number of followers, so you can't teach me jack!

  • If follower numbers are your main goal please stop reading and head back to where you came from. It's about communication. It's all about communication.

Isn't it Google's job to communicate the value of Google+?

  • Yes. But ...

But what?

  • But let's not go there right now.


So what would this mentoring cost me?

  • Nothing, it's free. As in no financial cost to you. No favours asked for or other crap.

Time then. How much time?

  • Not much. I work for a living. 

Who are you interesting in mentoring? 

  • A listers. People with BIG audiences elsewhere. People who speak about "Social Media" but either aren't using Google+ or are using it ... well "wrong". 

How many people are you considering mentoring? 

  • A handful. A dozen max. 

Why now? 

  • I have a window where I think I can give some time.

How would I go about expressing my interest in knowing more? 

  • If I sent you to this page then let me know you are interested in the comments on this post. 

Hey! I'm a big deal. I'm not asking where other people can see. Can I email you? 

  • No. I don't like email because it sucks. Let me know privately in the comments. 

Are you just trying to make me look stupid?

  • No. 
  • Accept in the comments by making the comment visible only to me

How do I do that?

  • Well I guess that's your first challenge. 
I look forward to hearing from you. 


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