A Local Business Boost for active Google+ Pages

There are a number of content discovery pathways on Google+ which have included recommendations from your network "Name +1'd this post", "Recommended for you" and "Trending on Google+".

Now it looks like Google are experimenting with adding some location specific suggestions in the mobile App.

This would be a boost for claimed Local Pages which are actively sharing. Logically it would be for "claimed" and active Local Pages only, as Google has started nuking unclaimed pages.

Obviously these local suggestions will be reliant on your location settings. You won't see any if you are not sharing your location. I got lots on my commute to work so movement also seems to be a factor.

The suggestions were all geo-tagged at a place. So it may be possible to see content from non local entities: i.e. profiles and standard Brand pages, if they are sharing content which is geotagged at a place. That isn't clear yet as all the suggestions I have seen were local pages goe-tagging posts at their location.

This one was my fav's of the suggestions so far ...

Have you seen suggestions for Local content yet?
Will this affect your (local) content strategy? 


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