Why you should be using Google+ Collections NOW!

I wrote previously about what Google+ Collections are, so pop back and read that if you missed it.

Here's why you should be using collections NOW rather than procrastinating.

The focus for Google+ is Collections!

Collections are the new SUL (Suggested User List).

With the classic (read old) user interface users chosen for the SUL saw their follower numbers sky-rocket!

The new user interface is about Collections first and foremost. Collections are the new SUL.
Visit Google+ in incogneto mode (or signed out) and it's clear that featured collections get a level of promotion many users can only dream of.

The early bird gets the worm!

 You will probably be familiar with the term "Early Adopter". People who get in early reap rewards, but enough of that here's some data to show collections are something you might want to be using sooner, not just later.

Happening London
The Happening London page has 33930 followers.
Note too how four of the page's (most followed, most recently updated) collections are displayed in the new design.

Pubs & Bars - London Life is a collection the page has which is updated infrequently (alcohol may be an inhibitor). The collection has 33958 followers currently, which is slightly higher than the page's following of 33930. This collection has NOT been featured.

Out & About in London is a collection which has been more regularly updated (when I get the time). It HAS been featured. The collection has a current following of 61786, that's more than three thousand more than a few weeks ago and almost DOUBLE the native following of the page.

Here you can see the collection featured (top right) of the featured page. Which is the landing page experience remember!

The London People collection has also been featured: it was 43490, now it is at 58841 followers.

I set up Collections a while ago for the Ford Europe page that I manage (for work). You could check out the followings on those collections. You'd be hard pressed not to spot which collection has been featured.

Not convinced now is the time to act? 
If you aren't using collections because other people don't seem to be using them then you should sit down and re-think.

It's true: collections are not currently used by most people

Why? Many people post to Google+ for work or play using a third party application like HootSuite or Buffer etc. You cannot currently post into a collection using third party tools.

To use collections properly you need to post natively on Google+

So the question is do you want to bring in the harvest early, get featured (there's an official community for that) and build followers fast?   .... Or not.

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