Why YOU should care about Google Plus

Why won't Google+ just crawl off and die. No one wants it. Right? 

I want it! I care about Google+ ... because I care about you, or rather I care about your rights (they are my rights too).

I'm meaning (our) rights of communication.

Communication is two-way. So the rights of both parties need to be accounted for.

On Google+ ...
  • YOU can communicate with person X.
    (if they allow you to).
  • Person X can communicate with YOU.
    (if you allow them to).

Two "if" statements. If both are true you and person X can communicate freely.

Simple. The possibility of being able to communicate with anyone (who allows it) is pretty cool.

So what do you have on Facebook ..?

On Facebook ...
  • YOU can't communicate with person X should YOU wish to.
    (even if they wish to allow you to).
  • Person X can't communicate with YOU should they wish to.
    (even if you wish to allow them to).

Unsure Facebook works that way? Try it out. Try to share a post with me, or mention me on a post.

That is why I care about Google+, because I care about your rights of communication and the rights of person X, whether that person X be me or someone else.

Surprised, shocked, intrigued?
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Thanks. Are you ready to care (about yourself) a bit more? 

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