Google Plus Feature Request - A Comment "Sin Bin"

The web can be a bit like the wild west: having a decent conversation can be hard. With some people seemingly not from the same planet and trolls set to wreak havoc on any half desent conversation they find.

Sin binned - image credit Ricky wilson
Your posts are "your house". We can dream that people will just "behave" reasonably, but that ain't happening any time soon.

If people behave like a dick in "your house" you are quite within your rights to eject them, but permanently blocking someone on all your posts may not be what you're after. It also doesn't "help" people generally understand what the rules on-line are. Or what the rules for "your house" are in particular. Blocking someone is "invisible" to others.

I feel it would help greatly if there was an easy action in between deleting and blocking. I'd like a "sin bin" to put people intent on yanking my chain.

Here's an example of where I would have used it and some ideas about how I think it should work.


It's quite clear that someone who turns up on a public post and just comments "sluts" is almost certainly trolling. Most would have blocked, removed and moved on. The troll just moves on to somewhere else: finds another cage to rattle.

There are also just as many, if not more, cases where the "troll" comment may just be inappropriate or awkward.

Whether they're a "true troll" or just awkward one thing is certain. You can't engaged and help the awkward or educate the troll without the intended topic of the post, YOUR post, being completely highjacked.

Sin bin to the rescue ...

When the post owner sends someone to the sin bin it should prevent that person from commenting further on that post.

It would be a per-post action only.
It should be visible to the audience who can see the post. So for a public post it would be visible to everyone that that profile or page is in the "sin bin".

An easy way to visually show this would be if the troll-comment was less visible. Here I've reduced the visibility by about 50%.

When You've Sinned ...

When you are in the sin bin there should be a dialogue when you try to comment which explains that you are in the sin bin with a link to a help article that fully explains what the "sin bin" is.

Additionally I would like the partially visible comment to NOT link to the troll profile and for other people in the thread to NOT be able to plus mention that profile in the thread. The idea is to move on with the conversation.

All this seems fairly logical. Of course there'd be a settling period but for anyone who cares about conversation on-line I think a "sin bin" feature would help all of us. Who knows it may even turn a few trolls into decent human beings.

What do you think? Would a sin bin feature be something you would like to see?

Leave your comments!
Trolls beware of moderation.


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