Bigger images & other goodies for shared links on Google+

Shared links on Google+ are now much more visual!

This doesn't happen for all shared links.

The linked page has to be correctly marked up and as +Gerwin Sturm demonstrates the image chosen has to be big enough: 507px or more will do it. Smaller and the share falls back visually to the older version.

With recent improvements for Google+ Pages connected to a web site, this makes for a powerful package for shares that site.

The shared link points to the web page. The connected Google+ Page (essentially the same web site) can be followed directly from the shared link. Very tidy!

Here's the link +Dustin W. Stout shared for the full picture.

The reasons this update wins is people want to share visually.

Often they resort to downloading and uploading someone else's image.

This new update allows people to get their visual share kick without forgetting or omitting to link back - give "proper credit"and attribution.

The audience can easily click through to visit, or follow the linked web site directly!

Edit: interesting discussion on the topic with +Mark Traphagen and +martin shervington

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