YouTube Video Commenting Community

I didn't comment on many YouTube videos before the integration with Google+ but now I can (and even want to do so) more.

  1. I can share / comment on a video "Public".
  2. I can share with "my circles". 

What I want is a third option to share: Public, but only discuss with people (outside of my circles) who like seeing and commenting on YouTube videos.

That's what the YouTube Commentary Community is for. Share videos between Public, and Limited.

The YouTube share / video comment will be publicly visible, but not "pushed" to your wider network and only other community members can comment.

Sharing to the community will not "push" your video shares or comments at your wider network, unless those people are also members of the community. People won't see your video shares to the community in their stream unless they choose to.

Who's in who's out?

  • People (profiles) are in: to share and comment on videos. 
  • Pages (that includes YT channels) are out: because a Page isn't a single identity.
  • Spammers and mudslingers are out. 
Unfair! I hear you cry. Not so. Video creator profiles (the people who make videos) are more than welcome to join.


It's a brand new community and needs you to join before it will be any fun.
Join and "encourage" your friends to do so too! (Please see the p.s. below)

How do I share to the community? 
There are two ways to share videos to the community.

1. Comment on YouTube

Community members can comment on any YouTube video and choose the "YouTube Commentary" community from the post drop down list.

Select the appropriate community category for your video comment and click "Post".
Sharing to Google+ should be checked, but that is on by default. 

2. Post directly in the community

Or copy any YouTube video URL and go to the community and post the video link (with your comment) in the appropriate category.

Is this an interesting community idea?
It's a social experiment. Share your thoughts in the comments!

p.s. A note on "sharing" or inviting your friends.

Share the community publicly (or share this post / info). Community "invites", where people invite their circles are a common cause of spam on Google+, often done so mistakenly.

Please "Share" the community and let people decide to join.

Do not use the "Invite people" option as a blanket invite method. Thanks.

p.p.s. Best practice for video comments / shares into the community would be to include a link to this page. Use this short link for convenience: (case sensitive)

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