Google+ Brand Page: Milestone Moments

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Celebrating milestones moments in social media - A tradition.

I've seen people thank their followers: I've done so myself on occasion.

An notable opportunity to thank your audience.

For brand pages there is more of a tradition. A BIG thank you! With some special eye-candy to show the audience you care.

On Google+ I've seen most brand pages make the following mistake ....

Thank you to all of our 2,5 Million Followers!

Except that is not 2.5 million followers (yet). 
That is 2.5 million +1's of the page.

Unlike Profiles, Pages have a +1 Button. Which means unlike Facebook where "Likes" are the number page managers salavate over: Google+ has +1s and followers (called "Added you to circles"). 

A == Followers
B == +1s

Both numbers are interesting for different reasons, but if you're a page manager eagerly waiting to pass a follower milestone and thinking of pointing out this wondrous event. Make sure you are looking at the right number: followers, not +1s. 
... or vice-versa if +1s is more your thing.

I tend to see more car pages make this mistake more than other types of pages. 

Not because pages make more mistakes, I just "watch" more car brand pages than other types of pages. 

Does it matter?

No. In the grand scheme of things this kind of mistake isn't going to cause a rift in the space time continuem: most people won't see your social media faux-pax. Most of those that do won't care. 

But if you're a "social media guru", managing a Google+ page for a global brand and you like to think you have your eye on the ball, remember there are two balls to keep your eye on ;-)

..... well almost.

p.s. Congratulations to all the page managers who have passed, celebrated, or missed celebrating follower milestones on Google+.

I wish I knew more of you personally. Do you manage a major brand page on Google+? Reach out to me if you like.
I run a private "Brand Page Admins" community where a number of brand managers for global brands trade stories, tips, best practices etc.
You would be very welcome to join.

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Edit: 16th August 2013
Another example ...

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