Google+ Person Of The Week

I'm a pretty heavy Google+ user, I use it for work, play, personal branding, in fact pretty much everything.

I often come across people I "click with", even though I may not have had much personal interaction with those people. People who selflessly attempt to help others, people who have made "work" less arduous, people who I'd like to get to know better, people I just like. 

I thought it might be nice to "highlight" some of these people so that other people can discover these "good eggs".  So each week I'm going to be picking one such person as my PersonOfTheWeek

Do you have "special people" in your network? 
How about saying thanks? Let other people know why or how that person has supported, helped, entertained or just generally improved things for you. 

Let other people know the background, why and in what way this particular person is special: tag your Google+ posts #PersonOfTheWeek


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