A Year of Google+

When involved in social channels across several different platforms there's a temptation to "watch" how they perform: to compare them.
As a user you are best to avoid comparing platforms completely. Just learn how to use them (if you need some pointers for Google+ try here): but for those working in social trying to compair things, even apples to oranges is the norm.

So although I think it's interesting to look at the number here, remember: it's not possible to make direct comparisons. There are differences in platform age or maturity, community population or usage, strategy differences,  investment both human and economic, and the list goes on.

Still, a snapshot comparison of one Facebook page (Facebook.com/Ford) with it's Google+ counterpart (Google.com/+Ford) at the end of the "new kid's" first year provides some point of reference.


The graph (above right) is just four data points. The follower / fan or "have circled" number from November 2011 to October 2012. Facebook and Google+.

The graph below is a daily check for the remaining period of time up to the new kids' year end.

The numbers (were) all publicly facing. It's possible for anyone to run daily checks across publicly facing data if they are interested.

For a real comparison of adoption across different networks one would need data that is better matched.

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