Mentions in Google Plus

A friend asked me how does one "plus mention" someone in Google+
Although it may seem obvious I've been asked before so here are a couple of screen shots which I hope help.

On the desktop version you can mention someone in a post or comment by simply typing the + sign (or the @ sign) and typing there name.

You'll get some suggestions based upon your circles as you type, but you can mention anyone on G+ and they will receive a notification that you have "mentioned them in a post".

Note: Google made some changes recently about who can send you notifications so a person may not receive a notification depending on how they have notification set up.

The set up is much the same on mobile, here's a screen shot from the iPhone App.

Mentioning someone in a comment seems to prioritize people in the thread which makes sense to me.
Here I'm mentioning Simon on the Android App.

As I mentioned above depending on how a person has their notifications set up they may have chosen not receive notifications from someone outside of their Extended Circles (default), their circles etc.

Personally I think the default setting should be "Everyone" much like the way an @ mention works on Twitter. If I am spammed by notifications it's quite easy to block someone (and report while doing so), but then again I haven't suffered the amount of spam that users with a larger following may have.

To check you have notifications set up the way that you want go here.


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