Instagram versus Picplz

Photo sharing Apps are all the rage and there are lots of them.

I'm currently liking / using Instagram and Picplz: which one is best?

Picplz from Mixed Media Labs (unlike Instagram) is available for iPhone and Android.
What I like
  • The "out of App" experience: an easy to find profile on the web.
  • Collections: being able to group other images into collections much like on Flickr but without the limit set by Flickr.
  • Locations: being able to view images by venue (Foursquare) or venue on the web. For example: London or Cologne 
  • View Recent or Interesting images.
What I don't like
  • Lack of filters compared to instagram.
  • Image format: I'd like to be able to keep the original format or crop it down to a square format if I wanted to.
  • No hashtags :(
  • No block feature. Though have been pretty quick to deactivate objectionable accounts. Hope that a block feature is added soon.

my picplz images:

Instagram is iPhone only.

What I like
  • Lot's of filters (though people tend to stick with one or two favorites).
  • Tilt / Shift. 
  • Large user-base, though I haven't put the time in to build up any real following (I suspect that's inhibited by my photographic ability and subject matter too).
  • Save image to camera: this is an option on picplz but I've never got it to work and it saves the unfiltered image.
  • Hashtags.
What I don't like
  • The limited "out of App" experience (though there are some apps coming out which are starting to take advantage of the instagram API).
  • Limited "profile" you can now add a url and some short text. Tip: make sure the URL you add is mobile friendly as people will visit it for the most part via the iPhone.
my instagram images:

Looking onward there are a number of other Apps set to enter the photo sharing space. I'm hoping for an invite to Photovine when the first wave of invites go out so i can check it out.

Also since Google Plus arrived on the scene that I've been using the instagram App more for image creation / editing and posting images there, rather than posting through the App itself.

So which of these two do I prefer?

  • Ask my head: Picplz. I prefer their wide reaching approach.
  • Ask my heart: instagram. Though you'll need an iPhone to use it.


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