Suggested Circles in Google Plus

This is something that shows how well thought out Google+ is: Suggested Circles

In Circles click to make a new circle and start typing to see suggested names for your circle.

This feature is really cool, both for the user and for Google.

  • Help with naming
  • Encourages "logical" structure
  • Encourages contact sorting / circle building which leads to a better understanding of the "Circles" concept
  • More logical ways of segmenting (looking at) your stream 
For Google:
  • Provides data on how people think about their social circles
  • Provides a way (in the future?) to be able to rank circles
  • Will provide signals which can be used to tune social search
A few days in and although I have a few niggles, which I'll write about when I get the time, plus is still looking pretty solid.

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