Private Buzz posts

When I posted my reactions to the new Google Profiles a while back my biggest complaint was that it wasn't clear when a Buzz post was private.

Here's a screen shot of a private Buzz post from how things were.

Here was no indication at all that the post was private.

Now things have changed and the word "Private" indicates when a post is not public.

Clicking on the word "Private" reveals to the viewer who has access to see the post.
The inclusion of the word "Private" does help a user understand what is visible to the world on their Buzz stream, but I still personally feel, when scrolling through posts on my Buzz tab that it's still not obvious enough.

What would be better is if there was a stronger visual indication that a post is not shared with the world.

In the screenshot I've simply highlighted the word private in red.

Edit: as Noble Ackerson pointed out red is currently used to highlight when a Buzz post is muted, so maybe a different colour to highlight private posts (like Green) would be better.

That seems logical and visually strong enough.

Do you post privately on Buzz? Scrolling through your posts on Buzz would it help you pick out what was private from what was public if posts were highlighted in such a way?


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