Google Buzz: No Conversations?

I caught a tweet by @socialmedia2day referencing this article (originally newcommbiz) where they said that: 90% of the content in Buzz is imported.

If you check BuzzCharts you'll get a very different graph.
True allot of posts are pulled into Buzz (this blog post is headed that way), but can't you say the same thing of Twitter, Facebook etc?

People, who've been round the block, when they first set up Buzz start by puling their content in. It's a very natural way to check something out.

Those with short attention spans, or people heavily rooted somewhere else (i.e. Twitter), may have seen that as "job done".

Actually, for those people pulling tweets into buzz, if you have set up go-location for Twitter: your "pulled in tweets" now show on Buzz map too. The age of a Buzz blip also "fades out" now.

Lots of people who've spent some time in Buzz have now stopped pulling so much in, this post by @blacktar echoes many of the conversations which went on around the topic.

I'm funneling posts out to Twitter (though I'm still on Twitter!), as I feel that currently has more value: Buzz is pretty good with media.

But it was the title of the article "Google Buzz: All Content No Conversations?". Which implied that there isn't much conversation going on within Buzz? That's not been my experience: not sure the majority of people who've tried Buzz (for a while) would agree either.

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