The perfect GooglePlus notification set up

If you have a GooglePlus profile here is my perfect notification setup.

I don't use email, if you sit all day in your email inbox then you might like email notifications too, but I cope well with just desktop and mobile notifications.

The options are found in settings:

Right at the top of the setting page are these options.

Change "Who can send you notifications?" to Anyone. 

The default for who can send you notifications is restricted. Think of this setting more like it is on Twitter, where you will get notifications from anyone who @mentions you and can use mute or block if someone sends you a notification you consider to be spam.

I have who can comment on public posts set to public and I also have my +1 activity public. That can irritate your followers if you are a mad +1er; if you are only +1ing things you genuinely think are cool set that public too.

Get notifications on your web browser.

Flick the switch to blue to turn browser notifications on.

This means you will get GooglePlus notifications when you are browsing other websites, as long as you are signed in. Google websites, apart from Google's spoilt child YouTube, all have the "One Google Bar" where you can see, read and respond to notifications. Turning browser notifications on means you'll be notified when someone shares a post directly with you or mentions you in a post.

I have all email notifications OFF. As mentioned if you are used to or like using email you could choose differently.

Mobile App notifications 

I have ALL mobile notifications set to ON. With a couple of exceptions.

Event and Community invites can be a bit spammy, as people create an event or community and work overly hard (aka: spam) to to get people to join their new event or community.

You might want to try having everything including those switches set to on if you are a new user, but for old hands with a larger network I would recommend having those to switches turned off.

NOTE: to see all the switches you will need to expand the choices: People, Photos, Events, Communities etc.

That's it really. Now you're all set!

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