How to increase your social media following

The above image illustrates a common scenario where a brand or person operates a fairly standard number of social media channels: Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ etc.

Try not to think about follower numbers yet! Instead think about how many "opportunities to connect" those six or so social media channels offer other people.

How many follow buttons can people see?

Provide more opportunities to connect!

You might immediately start thinking of a second or a third instagram channel, but caution, each of those is a seperate account. You do not really want more accounts. Both charts represent exactly the same number of social media accounts.

Using Google+ Collections as topic endpoints allows separate opportunities for people to connect with you or your brand. Additional "Follow" endpoints, but all under the same single Google identity / account.

Using Google+ Communities, owned by your profile or brand, allows people to connect with each other around topics which align with your brand values.

Discoverability / SEO

Each endpoint is a seperate entrypoint for users to discover you or your brand activity. Using collections allows your content to be available and remain at the top of that topic stream for longer.

Show me the money!  

If you need convincing the second graph represents +Happening London's actual current public footprint. The first graph would be the brand's footprint if +Happening London was NOT using Google+ Collection and Communities.

Without using collections, and to a lesser extent communities the +Happening London brand profile would have hundreds of thousands fewer followers.

In summary: make proper use of Google+ Collections to increase your followers!


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