How to embed a GooglePlus Collection (sort of)

+Google+ does not currently allow you to embed a Collection, or a Community or Posts come to that. If fact successful +Google+ embed offerings are currently limited to Badges (Profile or Community).

That's pretty unacceptable and I'm hoping that there's a Dev hidden away somewhere who's currently working to rectify that, but in the meantime what are the best options for embedding Google+ posts?

Well as Google have no current options I'm using the social platform that currently holds the embedding crown: Twitter!

Twitter has a number of publish / embed options for streams.

  • Moments - You can only embed public / published moments.
  • Timelines - Which you can make in Tweetdeck
  • Personal timelines, Lists, or Search results.
    You can publish complete streams too obviously, but that's not what I'm focusing on: here we are talking about embedding selective content from a user. A "Collection". 
Firstly I should point out that all my non-community, public Google+ content is published to my Twitter account automatically a short time after I post it on Google+ using (affiliate link) which is a service I've used for years and highly recommend. If you are not "pushing" posts to Twitter you will need to post tweets with links to your Google+ posts manually.

Twitter users will tend to feel that going FROM Google+ TO Twitter is the wrong way round, but because of Twitter's character limit Tweeting the "Title" of your Google+ post with a link to read the full post makes much more sense. Optionally I can also "push" to Facebook and LinkedIn but do not do that often TBH.

So as all my public Collection posts go to Twitter it's just a matter of curating the collection posts into an embeddable Twitter formate.

Below is my "Not Instagram" Google+ Collection - Which I curate into a Twitter Moment.


Embedding a Twitter Moment of Tweets published from Google+ is fine for most instances: but the tweets appear oldest to newest and if there are a lot of them the embeded page will not update.

If it is important that the page updates, you should use a Twitter Timeline instead which you can create in Tweetdeck.
An example of an embedded timeline would be "London People" on Happening London here. That relates to the London People Collection from the +Happening London Google+ Brand Profile

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