One profile - Three different views

Watch how the GIF below shows different views of the +Ford Europe profile on +Google+.

Can you see which view is which?

It's useful to understand fully the notion that there are these different profile views. It will save you from experiencing "Who can see what?" moments.

1: Public View
In this view only content which has been shared to public is visible.

This is the view the "whole world" could see should someone visit your profile. It is the signed-out view.

To see this view of your profile you can use an incogneto browser window. Or view your profile when you are signed out of your Google Account.

2: Signed in - Their View
In this view only content shared to public and additionally content (if any) which has been shared with the viewer can be seen.

This is the view a signed-in +Google+ user may have of your profile.

In this example I am using +Google+ as +Robert Wallis. The profile I am viewing is in two of my circles, indicated by "2 Circles" where the "Follow" button would show to other logged in users.

Note: The profile I am viewing has shared a Private Post (highlighted in red) which is visible to the viewer (me) along with all the content which the profile has shared publically. This is my unique view of this profile.

3. Signed In - Your View
This is how you see your profile. For regular user accounts that is only the account owner.

For Brand Accounts this view is seen by owners and managers of the Brand Account.

When viewing YOUR profile, or a Brand Profile you manage, you can see ALL shared content: public and private.

What is shown as the Follow button to others is the "Edit Profile" button. Use that to change your profile photo, cover photo and to customise how collections you follow or communities you are a member of show to others under your interests.

Slightly to the left of the Edit Profile button is the three dot menu which on your profile you can use to see your Influence and the reach of your posts on +Google+.

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