No Google+ Comments on Blogger Pages - Bug?

Google announced recently Google+ comments for Blogger. I'm using it on a couple of blogs and it's great ....
But ... They don't work on any +Blogger Page!?

Just affecting my blogs?
A small number of users?

Or, do Google+ comments for Blogger not work on any page?

As far as I can see it wasn't mentioned that comments would / will not work on pages in the original announcements.

So is this a bug?

+Yonatan Zunger and +Dan Peterson I guess you'll know about this and probably have the team on it already. Hope for a fix soon.

Here are the page settings which should allow comments on the page.

I've removed the "test pages" I made on the blogs I've tested this on, but you can see the lack of a comment box on the ESC about page, or the About page for this blog.

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