Mobile World Congress - Official Community

Mobile World Congress 2013 is almost upon us.
Going? Or awaiting the low down on what's happening? Join this community.

The most powerful aspect of Google+ Communities is that you are posting to a "topic related space" where people have opted-in, showing their interest in the community topic.

The other community aspect is that you do not "broadcast" updates to the rest of your network (unless they have also opted-in and joined the community). This kind of targeting allows a more "twitter like" usage of Google+

So, when it was confirmed I would be attending MWC again this year my first reaction was to look for a community that was as on-topic, as "close" to the event, and preferably as "official" as possible! There wasn't one :-(

Unperturbed I pinged messages back and forth, hooked up and hung-out with +Phil Rawcliffe who appeared to be the correct social media contact for GSMA (the organisation which organises Mobile World Congress and Mobile Asia Congress) who despite having his plate full set up the official community.

So all that remains is to make as may people aware in the remaining time, that this official community exists. GSMA posted a short while ago, if you are going to or are interested in MWC joining the community and sharing that post would be a good way to start.

Even with an official community owned by the host the short time available before MWC2013 kicks off could make populating the community a chalenge, but hey who doesn't like a challenge?
So why did I put so much effort into getting an "official" community set up?
Why not just join one of the communities already existed?

Well I'm happy to answer those questions in the comments on this Google+ post: but in essence the reason I didn't "join" a MWC community "owned" by Pablo Martinez Piles or Markus Tillmann was that Mobile World Congress is a huge event, attended by thousands of the worlds press. It needed an official community presence. Not to poo-poo Pablo or Markuses efforts but if the community gets big over the course of the event it shouldn't be "owned" by an enthusiast, but by the organization that runs Mobile World Congress.

Pablo has already given the community the thumbs up, I hope Markus does too.

p.s. Have you received a notification that I have "added you to my circles" this weekend? Where you wondered why? If you are going to MWC on business, now know why ;-)

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