Google+ - Course Index

Over the next few weeks I'll write a series of e-learning blog posts looking at individual (basic) aspects of using Google+.

This post will serve as the course index.

I've been using Google+ since launch and find it useful and fun, but some people struggle to "get" Google+, arriving with a mindset from other platforms. The first thing I would suggest is not to compare Google+ to anything else, so in these post I'll (mostly) not to do that, but to focus on Google+ and on what works for me.

Hopefully you'll find it useful.

Topic index:

Note: Topics will be linked to the topic blog post after each has been published.

As well as the blog posts there will be (surprise surprise) a couple of Google+ layers. Namely a "public" and a "Limited" layer. Both for further discussion on each topic. 

All are welcome to join the public posts, a link to the related post will be added at the end of each topic post. Please read the related post before you wade in.

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