Using Google Photos for image distribution

Since it's launch +Google Photos it has become my default method of image distribution for work.

I work in communication, specifically "social media" which involves a lot of "sending" images back and forth before they get published on social platforms.
A common method of getting files (often images) back and forth is to use a file sharing site such as WeTransfer or similar to avoid quickly using up space in your, or the recipient's, inbox. That's not a bad practice in itself, but if you work in social or manage a brand online here are a few reasons why using Google Photos might be a better solution.

  • Google Photos share links do not expire (unless you expire them).
  • You can add (or remove) images from any "shared link" after it has been distributed. 
  • Brand managers can use the Brand Account (the brands Google identity) to host the images.
  • Images added added to Google Photos can create "bonus content" which also can be used across social. GIFs, Collages, Movies etc.
  • Images can be passed (added) across brand accounts*
  • Images can be published externally, directly to your brand's Google+ profile, without ever "downloading" them.
*Requires a slight URL hack

The other big bonus is of course the ability to easily search and find images you may need (or be asked for again), at a later point. 

I was asked today for some images and GIFs related to a video series, which I was involved in distributing from back in September 2015. It was a cinch to find the links which contain the content. 

If I had distributed the content with like WeTransfer the links would have been firstly difficult to find and if I could have found them the links would have all long since expired. 

+Google Photos is a great product for personal use.  

For Brand Managers, combined with the Brand Accounts you're managing, it's also an excellent way of "internally" distributing images for use across social media. 
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