Twitter Stickers and where they are headed

Twitter has introduced Stickers to their mobile Apps, rolling out to all users currently.

+Jerry Daykin tweeted “The hashtag reborn for the visual world” which is a very decent summary of what they are.

There will a short learning curve before the concept of clicking on stickers becomes habitual for twitter users after that comes what I would expect to be first new revenue stream for twitter in a while: custom stickers.

Stickers work by pulling all images which use the sticker together into one stream.
You can view the stream for the camera sticker, pictured above, here.
Note the attribution "Sticker by Twitter"

Custom Stickers
The stickers current available are (assumption) all "by Twitter". When people are habitually using stickers brand would be falling over themselves to have the ability to use, at a price of course, custome stickers which would pull content together with their sticker and their twitter handle attatched!

So .... even though I haven't got access to twitter's stickers myself yet. I'm already wondering: how long before custom stickers?

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