OutBox by Google - Communication with All

Out box by Google is a communication product which you can use to communicate with *anyone online.

OutBox does not send messages OUT. Your messages stay in your OutBox.

You can group messages by topic, so that all your messages on one topic also have their own topic specific OutBox.

Messages "sent" with OutBox can be: Public, to Groups of people you define, or to individuals.

If messages don't "go" anywhere how do people "get" them? 

  • You write a message in OutBox including the recipient's name. 
  • That person is sent a notification. 
  • They click the notification to see, read and respond to the message.
  • Simple!

  • Note: Public messages are not addressed to people.
  • They are visible to everyone who visits your OutBox.

Why use OutBox?

  • Outbox has several advantages over other systems including ...
  • You can "close" a message after the conversation is done!
  • You can choose whether or not your messages are shareable.
  • You can choose to allow or prevent other people adding more people to a message.

How can I try OutBox?

  • OutBox is in open beta being actively developed with regular updates and improvements from Google. 
  • Try OutBox from the link below. 
  • Note: if you are not signed into your Google account you will need to sign in before continuing to OutBox. Give OutBox a try and let me know what you think!

Try OutBox Now!

Have a question about OutBox? 
Feel free to ask in the comments.

*Note: Anyone meaning everyone using OutBox, who is also OK receiving messages from you.

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