Birthday wishes from Google and Friends

People who know me understand I'm not big on Birthday celebrations (not mine at least).
I managed to avoid the plague of birthday greetings from close and not so close contacts on Facebook by changing my privacy settings.

Upone visiting my Google profile today I was surprised and delighted by the animated birthday greeting.

Hadn't heard about this feature before.

When you add your birthday in your profile the text says:
"So your friends and Google can wish you a happy birthday"

Looks like the animation (or a similar one) may be visible to your contacts: I'll confirm that if any of them let me know Confirmed: if you're a contact you get to see the animation (without the greeting or the cake).
Thanks Google!

Thanks too to the close friends and family who called to wish me birthday greetings.

... and to Oscar, K√ľki. and Flo' for the cake.

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