Turn Twitter and Google Plus into best friends

Twitter recently rolled out "Moments", it's publisher offering, to all users.

In short Moments are just a "Collection" of tweets grouped together and optimised for viewing on mobile.

If you noticed me highlighting the word Collection you might know where I'm going ...

Content I publish for +Happening London generally starts on +Google+. It's then posted automatically to twitter by a service called +Friends+Me the tweets that are tweeted link back to the original Google+ post. If I want to talk to someone on twitter from Google+ I'll still start on Google+ and use their twitter handle in the first line, then edit the post and replace the twitter handle with their Google+ name once the post has been tweeted. It may sound complicated: it's not.

I separate content by topic on the Happening London page using Collections. Twitter hasn't offered collections previously but why not set up a "Moment" to mirror a collection?

I'm trying this out with "London People" ...

As tweets are (mostly) generated automatically by posts made on Google+ I'll just add "London People" tweets to the related Twitter Moment. 

All the tweets link back to the related Google+ post. People can view on twitter, like on twitter, reply on twitter: but people can also easily get to the Google+ post and comment there if they wish. 

Take a look at the collection and the moment, especially on mobile, then let me know what you think. 

Can Twitter and Google+ be best friends? 

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