View Latitude Leaderboard - No checkin Required

When Latitude Leaderboard was given a quiet lanch on Android in Febuary (Mashable) it was reported - "It is only accessible after a user checks in somewhere using Google Latitude."

That, and no graphics showing how to view the leaderboard without checking in meant I didn't look for the option for a while.

To see who (in your circles) is running away with the crown.

Touch "Leaderboard" to view.

Maps > Checkin > TopRight > Leaderboard.

If you do checkin somewhere but decide not to stay long, you might want to manually check out. 

If you don't check out manually you'll be automatically checked out once you leave the place that you’re checked in to. i.e. Google Maps will check you out automatically if:

  • Google Maps detects that you’ve moved away from the place you were checked into.
  • Or you check in to another place.

Manually Checkout

You can check out manually at any time by going to the Place page of your check-in location and touching Check out of here.

Here's a screen shot of the check out page. Again you get to that from the options dialoge (touch top right) of the place page you are checked into.

Got it?

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